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dr. Pirger Tamás

Head of division

dr. Tamás Pirger

06 20 397 8817

According to sources, fencing has been practiced by young people since the earliest times - Soproni
In the legal predecessor of the University - in the sports association of the Mining and Forestry Academy in Selmeczbánya.
There is already a written trace of this from 1879, when the "Akadémiai Víeygylet" was founded. and in 1881
the Academy Gymnastics and Fencing Association was founded in Selmeczbány. Members at this time are four a week
they could practice fencing twice per hour. At that time, a significant number of swords (swords, gloves, etc.)
was purchased, and competitions have already been organized. The sport of fencing has therefore begun to develop!
At the end of the century, he is famous for developing and popularizing the level of fencing in Selmec
fencing masters from Budapest were contracted by the Akadémiai Athleta Club, then operating
sports association. Such a fencing master was Gusztáv Lovag Arlow, whose book Swordsmanship
to this day, it is the basic literature of sword fighting.

As is well known, after the First World War, the college found a home in Sopron and started with it
Fencing as a competitive sport in Sopron. However, during the relocation, all the club's assets,
he lost his equipment, the only relic remaining was an old protocol of the fencing club
About Selmec.

In the following decades, SMAFC became one of the defining factors of rural fencing, locally a
the sport of fencing also became the scene of social life by athletes from Sopron and university, several prestigious
the city also hosted a competition.

For example, in the final of the national sword and dagger competition held on February 16, 1944 - which
The Hungarian House of Culture provided the venue - the following domestic successes were achieved:

Men's dagger competition:

I. valiant Zoltán Horváth (SMAFC), II. Károly Schmildel (SMAFC), III. Sándor Beliczay (SMAFC)

Men's sword event:

II. Dénes Gyarmathy (SMAFC), III. Antal Kozelka (SMAFC)

In 1978, the fencing department of the SMAFC was abolished. In accordance with the sports political decision of the time, the
The forces were concentrated in the Sopron Sports Association (SSE), thus the Sopron Railway Sports Association
(SVSE) athletes, SMAFC fencers also continued in the SSE. The active competitors in 1979 are already
they could build their careers in their new club.

The fencing department operating in the Sopron Sports School in the first half of the 90s is another agreement
cooperated with the University as part of this, so the fencers started under the name Soproni Sportiskola-SMAFC
in competitions.

The SMAFC fencing department was re-established in 2022 by the assistant professor of the University of Sopron, Dr. Tamás Pirger
under the leadership of department head and fencing coach. The department is currently with the Sopron Lyceum Fencing Association
welcomes those interested in fencing in cooperation, in men's and women's sword disciplines.

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