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History of SMAFC

History of University of Sopron Athletics and Football Club

"Our association is the oldest sports association in our country and still active in Europe, which survived

two world wars and quite a few regime changes - times, systems change, SMAFC is eternal."


Prof. Dr. András Winkler

Csontváry Kosztka Tivadar - Selmecbánya látképe - 1902.jpg

1860 - 

Self-active physical training at the Selmecbánya Academy began in the mid-1860s. The teaching staff also embraced and supported the physical training of the youth, and were even present at the physical training. At this time, however, he did not have an appointed physical education teacher. The task of physical education was carried out by the leaders of the youth sports circle. In addition to voluntary physical training, the Academy also gave the country many excellent athletes on a national level.


The academic gymnastics association was founded in 1860 as a student volunteer group
with compression. It was organized in 1865 on the initiative of Adolf Hampel and Lajos Cseh
into an association with a name, operating according to the statutes, called Selmecbánya Mining and Forestry Academy Sports Association. In the physical exercise classes held in the Maiden Castle and later in the Old Castle, sword and sword fencing were mostly practiced in addition to gymnastics. The operation of the sports club gradually expanded and covered more and more sports. The sports club, having gained much glory, operated in Selmecbány until the autumn of 1918, when the college was forced to leave its ancient headquarters.


The college, which found a home in Sopron, began its operation in the spring of 1919 amid the greatest difficulties. At that time, the association was already known as the present-day Sopron Polytechnic Athletic and Football Club. Due to the circumstances, college sports could not start for years. The transfer from the old seat of all assets of the Sportkört,
stripped of his equipment. On March 23, 1925, the youth initiated the "College
Athletics and Football Club". However, the upswing of sports life from year to year
a lack of money, the large-scale study and the lack of their own sports field
obstructed. Nevertheless, especially the one immediately preceding the Second World War
years, the College's athletes achieved excellent results.


In 1934, a change occurred in physical education. The College was organizationally attached to the József Nádor University of Applied Sciences in Budapest, and it was then that the College's first physical education teacher was appointed. After liberation, he was given a department of physical education. In addition to the mandatory curriculum lessons, the physical education department also managed mass sports for the students, which is why it held annual grade championships in various ball games. At the national level, the development of physical education was measured and promoted within the framework of agricultural sports days.


In the collapse of the Second World War, all the equipment, records and victory memories of the College's sports team were destroyed. Due to the lack of equipment and training opportunities, the sports circle could not function again for years. Only spontaneous and sporadic sports took place at the College. Regular sports started again in 1947. At that time, financial reasons did not hinder regular training and competitions, because the necessary coverage was provided by the University and College Sports Center of the KISZ Youth Sports Committee. Two free afternoons per week for the purpose of sports were provided for the students according to the schedule. Liberation brought a decisive change not only in the life of our College, but in the entire Hungarian sports life.

In 2010, SMAFC celebrated its 150th anniversary, marking the year 2010
the presidency of the sports circle wanted to commemorate with a series of embracing events.


Our first program is April 1-3, 2010. between Hungarian University and College
It was the Championship (MEFOB) women's and men's Basketball Final, which, to our great pleasure, won national recognition based on the feedback. In the final, which was held with the participation of four teams each, SMAFC was the only one of the Hungarian higher education institutions represented in both genders, as a result of which the women's team won the gold medal for the first time in history, while the boys also won the bronze medal.


The central event programs are September 6-11, 2010. were conducted between


In 2013, dr. Attila Fábián, dean of the Faculty of Economics, was accepted by prof. dr. Weaving
Péter, who wants to continue his predecessors to the best of his ability
his work. 


On March 25, 2017, the Hungarian
University-College Sports Association (MEFS). The former physical education teacher of our university, Borbála Cser, received the MEFS Alfréd Hajós Gold Plaque, University-College Sports Award for his outstanding work as a sports leader. The MEFS Lifetime Achievement Award was given to Professor Péter Takats, who was also the chairman of the "SMAFC 2010 Jubilee Committee", which was established to celebrate the 150th anniversary of SMAFC. During his presidency, SMAFC boasted, in addition to the basketball divisions, other divisions (karate, equestrian, chess, skiing, orienteering, aerobics, sector football), which year after year enriched the skating club with excellent results, national championship titles, and international successes.


From 2018, Tamás Czeglédy became the president of the SMAFC. During his reign, the six divisions successfully
worked (karate, basketball, equestrian, chess, orienteering, sector ball).


From 2021, the SMAFC association has undergone a major transformation with the new president József Horváth
who was also the coach of the basketball team. Prof. Dr. Attila Fábián, Rector
with his support, the association began to develop greatly. In 2021, the association was included in the
among prominent rural sports associations. The number of departments in one year
multiplied, currently 24 divisions make up the SMAFC team.


Basketball, Karate, Orienteering, Horseback Riding, Chess, Sector Ball, Floorball, Volleyball, Ice Hockey,
Athletics, Archery, Table Tennis, Parasport, Recreational Sports, E-Sports, Futsal, Hiking
division, Martial arts, Water sports, Fencing, Aerobics, Squash, Cycling, Boxing

Compulsory physical education has been introduced at the University of Sopron from the 2022/23 academic year,
which is also the task of our association.

Former Presidents

Thank you for all you have done for SMAFC!

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