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Molnár Tibor

Head of division

Tibor Molnár

We know from the recollections of Dr. Gyula Kardoss Szádeczky that in the summer of 1950
SMAFC orienteering runners started for the first time at the city cross-country race in Sopron
athletes. The university team achieved second place, which is one of the first in our division
serious result.

In 1974, the county's most successful competitor was János Spiegl, SMAFC
competitor, who placed ninth in the daytime OB and eighth in the night OB. Maybe
from this time on, we can expect the rise of the SMAFC orienteering sport in Sopron.
In 1975, János Spiegl became first class and Jenő Köpf (the "running machine") said goodbye to his Alma Mater,
who gave new impetus to orienteering life at SMAFC. József Tunyogi, István Lovász and
Imre Dedinszky also delivered a series of excellent results.

After the very good championship results of SMAFC the previous year, in 1976 the
accomplishments. The association had three Class I competitors at the end of the year. The two-rounder
Géza Vajda and Borbála Cser won the final results of the County Championship for the adults
championship, both as SMAFC competitors.

In 1980, in the rankings of the year, János Spiegl and Tibor Molnár were both a
finished in tenth place. In the National Team Championship, SMAFC is a fourth and a seventh
earned a place. The association had 4 youth athletes with gold badges this year.
In the 1981 ranking, János Spiegl was already in eighth place. In the department points competition
SMAFC finished a respectable sixteenth. SMAFC earned 12 league points. At SMAFC
the work started in 1978 by the contract coach Borbála Cser can be seen.

The year 1984 passed with the successes of the SMAFC competitors. One at the national championships
3rd and two 5th places indicated the quality of the work in the department. It's all in the ratings
also showed up. It was won by young orienteers (Adorján, Horváth, Mesics) in SMAFC
Kempelen Engineering Vocational Vocational High School is the replacement number for the National Secondary School Championship
as students. Pál Horváth is third individually. The association's competitor, Skerletz Imola, won
the number of the National Pioneer Olympiad girl. Pál Horváth became a member of the youth team.
In 1985, at the National Team Championship (hereafter OCSB), SMAFC N (women) 15-
ös (adolescent) team achieved second place, Zsuzsa Pfeiffer, Skerletz Imola and Skerletz
In Noémi composition. The association earned 12 league points. The education of the supply a
At SMAFC, he was at an excellent level at that time, this was largely due to the work of coach Simon Gábor
thanks to the one who developed the SMAFC competitors for a few years alongside Borbála Cser. THE
however, the department's budget was already very modest at that time.

In 1987, Borbála Cser was the first in the Senior National Individual Championship, in Austria
and he finished in third place at the unofficial senior WC held in SMAFC is one
contacted the association in Vienna. The Hungarian Cup F (men) 21 E (adult elite)
Pál Horváth won first place in his category.

Only a few, but all the more important, data can be mentioned about the next year. The Long-Term
Horváth was first in the National Individual Championship and second in the overall championship
Paul. Vajda Kolos won first place in the men's 17 A (youth) category of the Flexo Spartacus Cup.

Pál Horváth participated as a member of the Hungarian national team in the USA
at the World Cup. Incidentally, he is fourth on the adult Hungarian ranking list, while Vajda Kolos
finished second in his age group (youths).

In 1994, the university men's team (Zoltán Dénes, Pál Horváth, Mesics
Péter, Vajda Kolos), and Vajda Kolos won the individual championship title in the youth category.
In the second half of the nineties, Kolos Vajda delivered the results, in 1995
night and long-term champion in both the junior and adult categories. Two juniors next year
and an adult individual championship medal.

In these two years, the members of the division also won team and relay championships.
Particularly valuable were the relays achieved in 1995 (Dénes, Vajda, Horváth) and the
national team championship (Dénes, Vajda, Horváth, Mesics) victory. Meanwhile, younger Dedinszky
Imre achieved notable results, in 1996 at the Individual Daytime National Championship as a teenager
became Hungarian champion.

Borbála Cser was the coach of the division from 1978 to the end of the 90s, the most outstanding
results are linked to his work. In 2012, after many years, the SMAFC youth team succeeded
To stand on the 3rd step of the podium at the National Points Collecting Team Championship for 14-year-old orienteers.
(Kolos Rétfalvi, Zsombor Horváth, Mátyás Mesics)

From the 2000s to the present day, he was outstanding almost only in the senior categories
achieve results for SMAFC competitors. They had a podium finish every year, that is
results are linked to the competitors listed so far. The latest is the National in 2022
The senior competitors of SMAFC won the championship at the point-collecting team championship.
From 2009 to the present, SMAFC competitors compete in mountain bike (MTBO) competitions
too. In 2016, Mesics Botond was 1st in the F 14 category at the Mountain Bike Medium Distance Championship.
place, in 2018 Mátyás Mesics achieved 1st place in the M18-20 category.

Competitions have been part of the work of the SMAFC orienteering department for many years
arrangement. For nearly forty years until 2015, the department organized the
Sopron Cup orienteering race. In addition to orienteering races, he is a mountain biker
(MTBO) competitions are also organized by the association. In addition to organizing competitions, members of the association
they also made the competition maps. From 2015 to the present, the SMAFC orienteering section is a
The highly successful event is organized in collaboration with the Sports Supervision Group of the Mayor's Office of the City of Sopron
Sopron Trail cross-country race.

Our sport is not a mass sport, but it is close to it in its nature and possibilities. You can drive it
child, parent, grandmother and grandfather, everyone in their age group, in this country
inside, Sopron is one of the cities with the best opportunities.

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