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Inczédi Gergely

Head of division

Gergely Inczédi

06 30 566 3167

Have fun with us!

Table football of Hungarian origin, that is, button soccer, is parallel in terms of magnitude
developed with football in the region. Children who love football are the favorites
at home they personified it in the form of buttons and replayed the match with them a
on a small table. In pre-war times, football imitations already existed in Hungarian-speaking areas
child's play. They say that any nation that has such a game is a soccer nation.
In Hungarian society, throughout history, there have always been young people who
they didn't want to completely turn away from their childhood experiences, they were happy to play button football
also at a higher level. In the 1960s, table football, which evolved from button soccer, was serious
developed into a competition. The game continued and developed, and in 1989 the community
established the Hungarian Table Football Association.

In 2011, the few universities in Sopron wanted to become members of this association
started young people who wore SMAFC t-shirts and started in the NB 3 team championship. The Sopron
and button soccer life started in the club. You are interested, you want to play, you are young
those with childhood memories constantly visited our training sessions. Next to our guests
and we also had to deal with the preparation of our own players, since in the tournaments
successful performance was expected. Our team for the first time in 2017 and in 2019
fought for the second division for the second time. And individually, to countless successes
SMAFC players could rejoice. Also in competitions organized by individual clubs
there were many successes in Sopron, among our juniors Zoltán Balogh once, Barnabás Böcskei
and he became the winner of the OB twice, and among the adults, Csaba Füzy a
became champion among third-class students, twice already.

People from different parts of the world met each other at the world championships
fanatics playing different button football. This is how the twelve touch came to Europe, i.e
brazilian button soccer. In our country, the people of Debrecen are the most enthusiastic and successful hunters
of this branch. We can thank them for teaching us how to play, tactic,
and to score on the twelfth step. Within the framework of the division, on the sector ball
Brazilian home championships have also become regular. And it's worth practicing because
Csaba Füzy organized the announcement of the 2019 Hungarian Cup in Brazilian futsal.
won it. And the people from Sopron were no slouch and started in last year's Brazilian NB 1,
where they achieved second place.

The third game in our section is subbuteo. This is a game imitating football of English origin
spread mainly in Western Europe. In our country, Károly Szathmáry and Gábor Baross are the two
most enthusiastic subbuteo player giving demonstrations and teaching young people. The two of them already
they visited Sopron many times, they always brought something with them that added to it
our department and we were always taught to play. And the people of Sopron were open
for this third major as well. In 2023, it will organize a National Individual Championship
our department for the subbuteo branch.

The initiative started in the eastern part of the country, which he loved so much as a child
and fearfully guarded face buttons are invited to play again. The initiative is growing
took on bigger dimensions, more and more people dusted off their childhood treasures, more and more
competitions were organized in the city. The finger-flipping retro that evokes childhood memories
button football, i.e. three-touch table football, has also arrived in our city.
We have already organized a competition in 2022, and we welcome our guests in the future as well
in our high-profile competitions.

We are happy to see all the four branches of button football that we know in our club
his liker, cultivator and inquirer.

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