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Faragó Ákos

Head of division

Ákos Faragó

06 20 824 6486

The predecessor of the SMAFC leisure department was the University Sports Office (ESI). Our sports office a
"QUALITÁS Quality higher education development in Sopron, Szombathely and Tata" (EFOP 3.4.3-
16-2016-00022) was created with the help of a tender.

In accordance with the expectations set out in the application, the main goal of the Sports Office's staff is to
was to involve as many students as possible in sports activities and sports opportunities
be continuously expanded. The Sports Office is mainly responsible for the organization of sports that can be done in free time
coordinated (serving all four faculties), but also with student self-organization to a lesser extent
worked (soccer, volleyball leagues).

In the beginning, we offered three sports for free to the students: swimming, wallball and aerobics.
Later, aerobics was transferred to the discounted category. In addition, discounted sports
we researched possibilities and were offered by university colleagues (boxing, aikido, skating,
shooting, synchronized swimming).

To further promote sports, we organized house competitions in wallball and swimming, as well as the
During the winter period, we held "University Ice Nights" (ice disco). The winners of the home competitions and the
more talented students, we delegated them to national MEFOB competitions. This is how the number of student competitors expanded
number of employees. In the last six years, we have participated in the following competitions:
-Future Engineers Soccer Cup
-MEFOB competitions: Squash, Orienteering, Fox Chasers (road relay championship), Half Marathon,
Athletics, Triathlon, Duathlon, Floorball, Spot shooting
- EFNS Forestry Biathlon Competition
-First official University E-sports championship

Since the beginning of the competition, we have joined the MEFS University Sports International Day every year
for a sports event, which is an all-day event with traditional championships (small-field soccer,
volleyball), presenting and offering a variety of sports.

In connection with the tender, we also organized high-quality lectures. Gábor Zacher, Katus
Attila, Boglárka Kapás, Ádám Telegdy and local speakers were our guests.

With the end of the application cycle (31.12.2021), the ESI joined the University of Sopron
sports association (SMAFC) as a leisure sports department. With this, a new chapter began and
another challenge. Because in the 2022/23 school year, compulsory physical education started again in Sopron
In university. After a gap of several years, in an ascending system, it started with the first year students
work. The foundation is provided by SMAFC's range of departments, which has expanded from 6 to 24.

In addition to compulsory or criterion physical education, the offer of leisure sports has also remained. The SMAFC 3000
By paying the FT/semester membership fee, students can practice 4 sports for free. These are swimming, aikido,
use of squash and gym. At the same time, our students are free to join the SMAFC
to its departments.

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