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Head of division

Barna Sáli

06 20 355 3002



Mega Sports Center 1st floor

Sopron, Pozsonyi utca 2.

Our department joined the SMAFC in 2022. So it's still a very young division
we are Before we joined, we were present as an independent association called Mega SE in the domestic and
in international squash society. Our community has been worn by Sopron for more than 15 years
parquet of squash courts. There are hobby players who are interested in a healthy lifestyle and
they come to the courts for the pleasure of playing wallball, but we also have adult, junior and junior players
also in senior categories.

Hobby players number 600-700, our competitors 15-20.
Currently, 15 enthusiastic juniors attend group training for children, 3 of them are already international
also competes in competitions.

Two teams will participate in the adult team championship:
Second class team members:
Track 1 Barnabás Sáli
Track 2 Gábor Tremmel
Track 3 Sándor Balogh or Sáli Barna
Track 4 Márton Varga or Zsolt Fülöp
In fourth grade:
Track 1 Máté Sáli
Track 2 József Fojtyik or Péter Rápolthy
Track 3 Róbert Fogarasi
Track 4 Róbert Princzes

On the adult men's ranking, Barnabás Sáli, who is only 16 years old, is in the highest place, who is currently the
It ranks 14th. He has been first among juniors for 3-4 years, as well as in the top 4 in the European rankings
there is

At the age of 13, our other international competitor already holds his place among the adults, and
he is currently in 2nd place in the U15 age group in Hungary.

Trainings are held at the Mega Sports Center in Sopron, where trainings take place on two courts.
Fortunately, we have a very good gym below us, so we know how to keep fit in-house
to develop. Training for children is on Wednesday and Friday afternoons. The
training sessions are held by squash coach Sáli Barna. Every year we hold charity
competitions courtesy of the Lions Club, as well as home amateur competitions.

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