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Head of division

 Peter Varga

chess-coach  |  international master

For a long time, the SMAFC Chess Department existed only in name. The old players
they joined other associations, the operation of the department was not necessary.

In 2022, at the initiative of President József Horváth, under the leadership of Péter Varga, the department
your reboot process has started. As a first step, a friendly duel took place in Physical Education
With a university team, then the 2022/23 season with own certified players, own team
we started in the county 1 competition series. We organize individual and organized competitions
we have association training: for the time being, for youth players and replacements.

We currently have 18 verified players: 7 guests and 11 of our own competitors, as well as
the supply is children.

The annual student chess olympiad, which has been active in previous years as well, is an elementary-level urban one
chess tournament, Sopron Festive Weeks chess tournament, in addition to a city blitz tournament, a newer, wider
we organize competitions announced in the round.

Our long-term goal is that chess-loving people living/learning in Sopron and its surroundings
gather, give opportunities for joint play, development, and competition, and also that SMAFC
We will increase the reputation of the chess division and regain the old recognition due to the sport.

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