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men's division


head of division

Nikolett Pethő-Klemencsics

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MEFOB boy coach

Levente Pongrácz

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head coach of men's team NB I-group B

David Wolf
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MEFOB girl coach

Tamás Márkus
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The SMAFC Basketball Department enriched the history of the university with many successes. After the championship year of 1948/49 - when the team, which has since become legendary, won the NB II undefeated - the band played in the first division for another three years. After a short period of ups and downs, they fought for promotion again in 1964 as champions of the western group. In the following period, SMAFC, the team of Ferenc Krasznai, who won the national university and college championship, were among the top group members. They reached the finals of the MNK several times, and after the bronze medals in 1967 and 1968, they won the cup in 1969. Two players from that time, László Orbay and György Tvordy, also played in the Hungarian national team.

Members of the team that won the Hungarian People's Republic Cup in 1969:
Kálmán Tóth, Pál Trokán, Károly Záray, István Balsay, Gábor Bakonyi, Ferenc Krasznai, Sándor Varga, Imre Kovács, Péter Takáts, József Koloszár, László Pirkhoffer János Bakk, Sándor Balogh, László Orbay, György Tvordy, Péter Kisteleki, József Káldy

After the resignation of Ferenc Krasznai, Gábor Bakonyi became the coach of SMAFC, under his leadership the team achieved great success, however, the financial situation of the university team deteriorated significantly, which prevented the team from repeating its previous successes. Although SMAFC finished fifth in 1973, as the best rural team, they were unfortunately relegated from the first division in 1975. The following year, under the leadership of Eperjessy Barna, they managed to return to NB I. In 1978, Soproni SE was founded, which from 1979 wanted to start in NB I by taking over the players from SMAFC. With the establishment of Soproni SE and the takeover of the SMAFC basketball players, the SMAFC team ended its participation in NB I for a long time.

In 1991, Legenda Basket Kft was founded, which wanted to revive university basketball traditions
(Gábor Bakonyi, Péter Bellák, Attila Fábián, Péter Puskás, Gábor Szlávik, Zoltán Török).

In 1996, the team was promoted to NB I, the team was coached by Imre Vetési. He started the 1997-98 season under the leadership of Tamás Sterbenz
the team and we finished in a respectable 17th place. In the 1999-2000 championship, the team reached the top eight in the Hungarian Cup as a huge success, but with perhaps an even greater feat, they reached the "A" group. In the "A" group, despite the bravura domestic victories, they did not manage to stay in the group.

The 2001-2002 The team started preparing for the championship with a new coach, József Horváth, who was the 20th coach in SMAFC's basketball history. The university team finished in 3rd place in the championship, which meant 16th place overall. In the Hungarian Cup, the team made it to the eight, but failed to reach the top four against FALCO. In the following season, SMAFC defeated Sopron Aces for the first time in the Kraszna Cup.

In this period, three gold and several silver and bronze medals in the Hungarian University and College National Championship indicated the further strength of the university team. In the NB I "B", the team far exceeded expectations and won a silver medal. In the play-off, PVSK-Panthers were defeated in a dramatic, five-game battle.

The II. place, the team played a classifier with the Sopron Aces, where the 8-point domestic victory proved to be not enough. The main sponsor of the Sopron Ászok, Brau Union AG, the Municipality of the County City of Sopron and the management of the SMAFC decided in favor of the merger in order to make Sopron basketball more successful. Several players and the previous coach, József Horváth, left SMAFC.

The joint performance did not meet the expectations, the team was relegated from the first division after a poor performance.

In 2004, Imre Vetési started to build a new team, now again independently. In 2007, the SMAFC men's team won the bronze medal in the NB I. B thanks to its excellent playoff results. For the 2008-9 season, the SMAFC guard was significantly strengthened, Kornél Bausz and Szabolcs Pojbics, who previously played basketball at the university, also returned. The latter played a significant role in helping SMAFC secure first place in Group "B".

In 2011-12, Imre Vetési was assisted by Tamás Barlai from the Sopron Sports School as an assistant coach. At the beginning of the regular season, József Horváth also sat on the university bench for one match each. In the playoffs, they managed to maintain their previous good form, SMAFC-NYME finished 5th in the NB I. B men's basketball championship. In 2013, SMAFC-NYME was already managed by Tamás Barlai as head coach, and Imre Vetési and József Horváth were appointed as consultants in the professional staff. A sad event overshadowed the life of SMAFC-NYME, because on September 17, 2013, after a long serious illness, he was 69 years old
the previously deceased Imre Vetési. Tamás Barlai's team finished 12th in the championship.

In 2015, head coach Tamás Barlai was replaced by Róbert Meszlényi on the university bench. The team ended up in 19th place in the House of Commons playoffs. Since 2017, several coaches have been on the team's bench, first Tamás Rátvay became the team leader, later Arnold Csaplár-Nagy, József Molnár and Róbert Meszlényi again led the university team.

The band was unable to achieve outstanding results in the NB I "B" Green group, and continuously finished in the lower house.

From 2021, with the cooperation of the Sopron Sports School Basketball Academy and the Sopron KC, the SMAFC team started to build a new strategy, with the help of the most talented young people from Sopron, again with the help of university students and a couple of routine amateurs, it is trying to be worthy of its name in the championship. In the first year under the leadership of Carlos Vallejo Rocamora, the expected results were not yet achieved, but the Sopron academy won the championship with the help of several players from SMAFC in the U18 championship.

From 2022, Dávid Farkas became the team's new coach. He previously achieved this while leading the U20 team
successes, including leading the SMAFC U20 team to the finals in 2022.

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