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Böhm Lajos

06 30 268 5643

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Bartokos Gábor



Head of division

Andras Rosenmayer

06 30 299 7129


Horváthné Kitti Varga

06 30 444 2494

The SMAFC Bicycle Club is one of the newest sections of the association, it started operating in August 2022, and from October 2022 we became a member organization of the Hungarian Cycling Association (MKSZ).

Our department is extremely young, therefore we are still in the construction stage, so the Cycling Club currently consists of about twenty-five people, we welcome both adults and juniors. In the 2023 season, we are represented in three disciplines - mountain bike, country road, cyclo-cross. We also welcome those who only want to cycle and bike on a hobby level. We organize regular tours and excursions for them.

Our coaches have several years and decades of experience as athletes and coaches. Among Kitti Horváthné Varga's students, Jázmin Horváth (U9) won a silver medal in Zalakaros, while Balázs Kis (U11) finished the XCE OB in fourth place in Mosonmagyaróvár, won a silver medal in Kőszeg (U10), and finished sixth in Zalakoros. His athlete, who started in U11 in his previous team, won a bronze medal in the Eleminátor Championship.

Among András Rosenmayer's athletes, Bálint Bencsik won a gold medal in Kőszeg U14 in September 2022, and a silver medal in Zalakaros (U13). Horváth Martin (U13) finished sixth in Mosonmagyaróvár, also in Zalakaros, just missing the podium, finishing fourth. On Prorok Botond Iszkaszentgyörgy, he achieved 8th place in cross (Hobby). In his previous team, his athletes collected countless good positions and medals between 2018-2021. Among them, the 2021 U15 girls and the 2022 U15 boys category stands out, where he helped one competitor to the title of Eleminator Champion.

Acknowledgment of their joint work in a picture, in September 2021 - their former team - the II. finished in 2nd place at the Greiner Bio-One Hungary bicycle race in Mosonmagyaróvár.

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