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Head of division

Zsolt Demeter

The kyokushin karate department of the University of Sopron was founded in 1981 by József Polyák
under the leadership of the wood industry engineer who graduated here and held the training sessions from 2017 to
up to We owe a lot to his exemplary pedagogy and personality. At that time
The followers of the pioneering full contact style have grown year by year, now numbering thousands
student turned around and practiced in the sports hall.

Department manager Zsolt Demeter joined the team in 1985 and is still active today. THE
in addition to seven Hungarian championship titles, he also won the Croatian championship and WAKO Thai boxing championships
collected and finished fifth in the European Championship without a weight group. in 1999
as a member of the Hungarian national team, he participated in the weight group held every four years in Tokyo
at the World Championship without a player, where he defeated his opponent from Chile and reached the top 64. In 2013 it is
He passed the 5th dan exam. In 2022 in Spain at the Master European Championship a
finished second in the heavyweight division.

We actively participate in the domestic and international  competition life, Ferenczi Csongor junior
He returned home from Georgia with a European Championship silver medal, and then became the adult Hungarian Champion.
Multiple Student Olympiad championship titles and rankings, results achieved in national competitions
they enrich the department and the Association from children to adults.
We organize training camps and belt exams, where students have three training sessions a day
they practice and take exams.

The adult members of many of our families train together with their children, father, mother and child together
playing sports is a special experience for everyone.

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