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szülői koordinátor, U8

Hadarics Balázs

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szülői koordinátor, versenybíró

Tardos Eszter


vezetőségi tag

Pethő-Klemencsics Nikolett

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vezetőségi tag

Sebestyén Teleki István

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LTP coach

Tóth Enikő

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Sipos László

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szülői koordinátor, U10-12

Horváth Mária

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Tardos Róbert

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vezetőségi tag

Koós Zoltán

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szakosztályvezető, vezetőségi tag

Bencsik Gergely

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szakmai tanácsadó

Tobler Rico

Head of department

Zoltán Koós

06 70 381 2115

Professional leader
Moreler Rico
06 20 886 0823



László Sipos
06 30 593 3068


Bence Kulcsár
06 30 427 8183

Balázs Hadarics
parent coordinator up to age group U8
06 30 204 8506


Mária Horváth
parent coordinator U10-U12
06 30 444 5070

Eszter Tardos-Molnár
parent coordinator from age group U14
06 20 260 6088


Skating in Sopron has a 150-year history, as Sopron was one of the first rural
at the opening of ice rinks. The first ice rink of the Sopron Skating Association, founded in 1872, is today's Ösvény
utca – it operated in the area of Uszoda utca.

In 1889, the Skating Association was able to purchase the area on today's Ady Endre út, where the many
the so-called "Bacter ice field" could operate. In the following years, the ice rink had many places.
Although the "Bakter Ice Field" continued to operate for many decades, it was still located on the Railway Sports Track,
also on Paprét, and they operated simultaneously for many years.
Krasznai, born in 1923, cannot be left out of the history of hockey in Sopron
In addition to the name of Ferenc, who from 1950 until his retirement in 1957, the István Széchenyi High School
was a physical education teacher. In 1977, he received the Hungarian People's Republic Sports Merit Gold Medal
degree - and in Sopron, basketball and ice hockey were closest to his heart. Papréten, a
frozen Tómalmon trained his athletes. They poured ice in the back yard of the high school, then at night
"fatted" over. 

An integral part of Sopron ice hockey history and the Kraszna "era" is the history of the 1966 cups, which
In the 60s, it started as a quasi-rural league with a university "background". The struggle between Debrecen and Győr
mostly characterized the 1966 cups, yet Sopron conquered the
traveling cup, which has remained in Sopron since 1966.

Thus, the history of ice sports goes back decades in the region, but at the same time in an organized form
ice sports life has been operating since 2005, when it was part of Sopron's city management holding
operation, the city's mobile ice rink with a tent was completed. Sopron Ice Hockey, registered in 2008
Sports association (SJSE) was the next important milestone. It has already been implemented within this organization
the possibility of gathering local hockey players, organized training sessions and hockey matches with other teams
establishment, as well as the start of supplementary education. By the Hungarian Ice Hockey Association
we have participated in organized youth tournaments since the first year, while our adult team has
participated in the Austrian Stonefield Championship.

The next major step in the history of ice sports in Sopron can be dated to 2012, when the Sopron
Thanks to the investment of Hockey SE TAO, a 40x20 meter field was built, 4
with a month-long season. It was then that our association adopted the team name Sopron Jégtrók, which we still use to this day
retained. Opening hours gradually extended over the years and the well-organized
thanks to the 10-month seasons supplemented with dry training with roller hockey and floorball, the
the number of members also increased continuously and we achieved better and better results.
In 2021, we were able to hold 11 domestic tournaments and SJSE was represented at 38 away tournaments, the
the number of members has already exceeded 100 people and under the current conditions in the "B" category tournaments
all age groups of the youth team continuously deliver the results, at the same time the 3x3-
The adult team went even further, at the first small-court championship organized by the MJSZ
He achieved 2nd place.

The increase in the number of members entailed an increase in the number and depth of the age groups. 2021-
in the framework of ice hockey, 7 age groups made up the membership.

In 2022, the entire team "arrived home" and within the SMAFC, as an independent hockey division
continued to function, and in the coming season he already started in the colors of the university team
in championships. We currently have 4 "B" licensed trainers holding the training sessions. He was also revived in 2022
the professional cooperation with the Raptor team from Eisenstadt, within the framework of which concept, they meet once a week
the two divisions hold training sessions at the ice rink in Eisenstadt.

The continuous increase in the number of members brought with it the continuous "backcountry" of hockey players
growth. The SMAFC hockey community thus consists not only of active hockey players, but of
from parents, grandparents (family) supporters and there is already an "alumni" community, from the age groups
grew up, quit, but still loves ice skating as a sport, especially from Sopronia. This
community brought the Icebreaker ball to life, and the annual season-ending Icebreakers, which are now considered a tradition
Family Picnic!

Our active age groups are: U8 mini, U8, U10, U12, U14 and U16, as well as adult men
(Senior). We welcome applications from all interested persons from the age of 6!

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