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5. dan, EBRI Chuden, Aikikai Shidoin

dr. Polgár András

Head of division

dr. András Polgár

5th dan, EBRI Chuden, Aikikai Shidoin

06 30 351 7658


FIT - BUDO Center

Sopron, Győri u. 42. (1st floor, above Ford Salon)

- parking is free -

The Aikido Meishin Association Sopron has a 20-year history, it was founded in 2003. Domestic and
martial arts school recognized by international organizations. From 2022, SMAFC Küzdősport
It also works in its department, providing space for the occupations of university students as well. Central
we provide it on site, according to our weekly timetable, in group sessions for all age groups
optional AIKIDO (child, junior, adult), JODO (stick art), IAIDO (Japanese sword
art) and RAJI Ukemi Fitness (gravity rolling) at a high level,
with the help of a qualified and experienced instructor. The trainings were conducted by dr. András Polgár (5th dan) is the leading instructor
holds. Practice is devoid of harshness and competition, accessible to everyone.



What is Aikido? Japanese Aikido is a martial way of harmony and cooperation. Throws, joint
a comprehensive system of techniques and fixations. Its sophistication allows the physically weaker
half must defend itself against the stronger attacker. Also with traditional Japanese tools
deals like the wooden sword, stick and dagger.

"The purpose of Aikido is not to correct the mistakes of the other person, but to correct ourselves. This is not the individual
it should mean its physical and spiritual destruction, rather its development." (Ueshiba Morihei, Founder of Aikido)
What can aikido offer? We throw or squeeze the opponent using his own attack energy
juice. The goal is to remain balanced in all circumstances. The emphasis is mainly on practice
there is: during constant repetitions, we master the basic movements, timing and breathing perfectly.

In the case of children, we aim to educate them for attention, endurance and a love of movement
through the techniques and spirit of martial arts. Mainly the basics of rolling, falling, self-defense,
we deal with the development of gymnastics, player strengthening and coordination.

The training environment teaches correct posture and movement in all age groups (children, juniors and adults).
stimulates, has a direct and positive effect on physical and mental health.



What is jodo? Jodo (pronounced: JOSÓDÓ) is a traditional Japanese martial art developed by the
XVII. They were created in the middle of the century. Jodo is the art of the stick combined with the sword of the samurai.
Practicing jodo: Jodo is practiced by two people in the form of KATAs (fixed sequences of movements). One of them
on one side the wooden sword, on the other side the stick. Accurate assessment of distances and thorough timing
thanks to his knowledge and the perfect coordination of body and mind, the two sides face each other

standing with each other, yet their movements are in remarkable harmony. The lack of competitions and the
conscientious adherence to what has been learned enables the preservation of traditional techniques.



What is iaido? Iaido, the main doctrine of the former samurai, is the practice of cutting at the same time as drawing the sword.
Iaido is the art of spontaneous and natural movements that we do alone, with ourselves
we practice against each other, in the form of KATAs (fixed sequences of movements).

What can iaido provide? In the ancient forms of iaido, the sole purpose was to quickly and efficiently one
or incapacitate multiple opponents. Muso Shinden Ryu in Iaido today is that
idea was replaced by a different attitude. We use the sword as a tool for personal further development
up. Iaido is primarily a mental activity that requires calmness and
develop and perfect concentration, alertness and awareness in the individual's actions.



What is RAJI Ukemi Fitness? The foundation of RAJI Ukemi Fitness is the connection between the human body and the earth.
It is nothing but the art of joyful rolling/rolling by turning gravity to our advantage.
What can you provide? You can try a new form of exercise and training that is at the same time
traditional and modern. It can be a special accessory for those who practice various sports.
A unique and effective system, which can be used to increase physical condition in an extraordinary way
and performance. An important advantage is that it allows for safe, controlled falls and
rolls can be learned.

Necessary equipment:
Comfortable bottoms with long legs and preferably a light top with long sleeves
(the exercises are performed with bare feet on the tatami/exercise mat).

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